A few words about the game

A Mystical Forest

Chumbi Valley is an adventure game, where players can explore a forest populated by endearing creatures called Chumbi.

The game, which immediately puts us in mind of Axie Infinity, from which it borrows many codes as well as the play-to-earn aspects, has many inspirations like Zelda, Pokemon, Stardew Valley or Studio Ghibli.

It embraces the new wave of play-to-earn games, which give the user a much more advanced experience than traditional games. It uses the power of blockchains to offer a new experience to the player.

What is a Play-To-Earn?

Play-To-Earn refers to a new type of game, where players are rewarded for their time and effort. These games are particularly suited to blockchain technologies, as players will be rewarded by receiving tokens or digital game assets (Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs).

Players can then sell the rewards earned in the game if they wish, and thus get paid for time spent playing the game.

Polygon Logo

A Blockchain Game

The game will be based on the Polygon (Matic) blockchain. The team chose this blockchain for its almost-instant transaction speed and fees which are close to zero.

All NFTs in the game (Chumbi, objects, crops, etc..) will be on the Polygon blockchain, and the player will be able to trade these NFTs on the open market (e.g. OpenSea) or the Chumbi Valley marketplace (not yet available).
The Polygon & BSC blockchains will be used for the tokens.

Free To Play

The game will be completely free to get started and a “free” Chumbi will be offered to beginners. This “free” Chumbi is called “Chumbi Ancestor”. He will have limited capabilities, but will help the player get started on their journey.

It was important for the team for everyone to be able to have a taste of the gameplay without restricting any players who can't afford a large investment just to play. Unlike the others Chumbi, the Chumbi Ancestors will not be NFTs, meaning they can’t be sold or traded (and they cannot breed).

Which Platform?

The game will be playable in app form, available on PC, Mac, Android, and eventually iOS. The team will do its best to release it on as many platforms as possible, but the first version of the game will most likely be released on PC only.


When did the project start?

Since June 2021, the team has been working passionately on the project with a confident vision to create a play-to-earn blockchain game inspired by classic 2D RPG games like Pokemon and Stardew Valley.

The Vision of the game is carried out by “Chumbi Girl” — the main designer of the game (and co-founder) — and “Papa Chumbi” the founder of Chumbi Valley.

Chumbi hatching

Private Sale Round

Chumbi Valley quickly caught the attention of investors and crypto-enthusiasts alike. Over the course of 3 months, Chumbi Valley carried out several iterations and closed their private round of investment. Securing an experienced network of investors and partnerships, led by the esteemed crypto investment firm Everse Capital. The private sale was oversubscribed, and the project raised $3.06M USD.

The project is still in the early stages of development, but the project team has already accomplished a lot of things, especially at the end of the year 2021.

When will the game be out?

The game will be built step by step, all planned features will not be available on first release day. The Team is planning to launch the game around mid-2022.

The team claims that the first features to be released will be the farming and the exploration.

The team is focused on building a strong community, and listening to feedback right from the beginning.