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Plenty of possibilities

The game has many game mechanisms, which will be implemented step by step. No matter which path you choose to play the game, your Chumbi will be by your side, assisting you and making sure you make the most of the game.

One thing is for sure, the gameplay will be rich and varied. The players will be free to decide how they want to play, if they prefer to focus on fighting, or if they would rather spend their time developing their farm and forest.

Add to that an exploration phase that will allow you to find objects and go on quests, which promises several good hours of fun play.

The player will be able to explore, farm, breed, craft, and engage in combat


Homebuilding Gameplay Feature

Players and their Chumbi will spend a lot of time in their forest, and you will have the opportunity to develop your own forest and build a beautiful home for you and your Chumbi.

The Home Building feature will be available for everyone and will not depend on the land plot feature. So, there will be no need to own land in order to have the pleasure of making a forest to suit your taste.

It will be possible to decorate your forest by buying some decorations from the Wandering Trader. You’ll also have the option, by teaching some spells to your Chumbi, to have them cut the trees, clear the overgrowth, etc.

Chumbi Village & Land Plot

Land plots in Chumbi Village will be sold to early-bird community members. These NFT properties will be located in prime areas of Chumbi Village, and will also include exclusive land items and other benefits.

Chumbi Village will feature NFT-based plots of land with in-game ownership. Here you will find other players and their Chumbi working on their plots, chatting, showing off rare items, trading, shopping... and much more. Land owners will also have access to special events such as capturing wild Chumbi and fighting together in raids against giant cursed Chumbi.

Note: A land sale is planned in Q1/Q2 2022


The Ancient Portal

The player will be invited to discover, along with their Chumbi team, the vast world of Chumbi Valley. Through a portal called the ancient portal, it will be possible to explore new lands in various biomes, with proper timelines (day/night cycles, weather, seasons...).

The ancient portal will need to be activated using the forest's energy. You'll have to recharge the portal between each land visit, and the more Chumbi the player has in their team, the faster the recharging will be.

By exploring these new lands, you'll be able to collect rare resources that cannot be found in your Chumbi forest.

Exploring Gameplay Feature


In Chumbi Valley, you’ll have the opportunity to put your farming skills to the test. You'll spend time maintaining your farm, watering crops and collecting precious resources. Crops are in-game tokenized items, they need to be watered regularly and will grow in blockchain-based time.

They will have many uses, like helping your Chumbi to be happy. Indeed, mixing Crops with LuckyStars will create Chumbi's favorite food and make them happier. In the game, during the exploration phase, you will be able to find rare seeds that will have many uses and will be very beneficial to your forest crops.

You'll have the option teaching your Chumbi some spells (like watering crops, etc…) and you will be able to take advantage of that in order to look after your farm.

Farming Gameplay Feature


Breeding Section

Each Chumbi is a unique NFT creature made up of a rare combination of type, coat, ears, horns, eyes, mouth, and pattern. Breed them together for rare and exciting new combos!

A lot of information still remains to be revealed by the team about all the concepts behind the breeding mechanism. But this is what we know so far... The Breeding follows the rules of a Breeding Chart, and you have the option to breed compatible Chumbi for a better chance of getting a Chumbi from a higher tier.

Check out the breeding chart below.

Breeding Count

You’ll need 2 Chumbi for breeding, and each Chumbi will have a maximum number of times it can breed. We have no details yet on this number, but once you reach the maximum number, the Chumbi will not be able to breed anymore.

Parent Genes

When you breed 2 Chumbi together, you’ll have different probabilities of inheriting some of the parents’ genes.

INFO: If you breed any 2 together, the offspring will most likely be one of the parent types, with a smaller chance that it will be a random type from one of the parents' tiers (so tier 1 in this case).

Breeding Chart

Breeding Chart


Battling Gameplay Feature

So far we have very little information about the battles. Let’s recap what we know on the subject.

The players will have the opportunity to do battle against other players with their Chumbi, and if they are victorious, they will earn XP, which then increase the level of their Chumbi. It will also be possible to battle against cursed Chumbi (by defeating them, you'll earn XP and Lucky Stars)

Each Chumbi has 2 attack moves, which are linked to its type and its coat. The first attack move is based on the main type, and second attack move is based on the coat type (each coat variation has a different attack).

Battle Strategy

The Chumbi Valley battle system is a creative mix of Pokemon style battles with an extra layer of strategy, which is easy to learn but difficult to master.

Indeed, according to this chart, each chumbi type will have his own weakness or strengths against other chumbi types.
It will be important to build his Chumbi team accordingly.

NOTE 1: It is interesting to note that the Neutral type will be the only type that has no weakness or strengths against any other type.

NOTE 2: The Void type has both weakness and strengths against his own type (we can then consider that a void type is neutral against other void types).

Battling Strategy Type Chart


Crafting Gameplay Feature

Work with your Chumbi to gather resources that can be used to make NFT items for your world.

Crafted items can be sold on the marketplace or in-game to the Wandering Trader. So far, we do not know a lot about this feature.


Trading Gameplay Feature

The Wandering Trader

The Wandering Trader can be found setting up shop somewhere near your forest home. His shop inventory changes every day, and all players will see the same items for sale. These game items are NFTs and some will even be rare, with limited quantities.

The Trader’s wares will include: useful items, seeds, Chumbi cosmetics, player cosmetics, decorative items, and more. The trader will also buy crops and resources from the players in exchange for Lucky Stars.

Trading Chumbi & NFT

The players will also have the possibility to trade their NFTs directly on the marketplace. The web based marketplace will be a crucial part of the Chumbi Valley ecosystem.

The marketplace will encourage players to work hard on acquiring and improving rare Chumbi and items. Buy, sell and trade: Chumbi, land plots, cosmetics, game items, crops, resources... and more.

INFO: While waiting for this marketplace to be built by the team, the players can for now trade their NFT directly on OpenSea:


There will be many ways to earn rewards in the game. You’ll be able to stake your Chumbi in the Shrine for more rewards. Or complete some quests to earn some CHMB.

You can also sell crops you have grown or sell some NFT items through the marketplace or the Wandering Trader.

INFO: Chumbi are masters of the land. They can learn spells which will enable them to automatically gather in-game tokenized resources, even while you are offline. Send your Chumbi to the Chumbi Sage and it will learn spells to water crops, chop wood, collect stone, catch fish...

Earning Gameplay Feature


Fostering Gameplay Feature

This feature will allow players to temporarily lend their Chumbi to other players. Do you have a great team of Chumbi, but you don't have time to take care of them? Lend them to another player and share the game rewards! You will get a percentage (fixed by you) of all the rewards earned by your Chumbi.

It is a very powerful feature, as you'll be able to collect rewards and earn money without even having to play the game.