Chumbi are so cute...

Chumbi are adorable bipedal creatures that inhabit a lush and mysterious forest valley. They have a spiritual connection to the forest, and use magical spells to maintain and protect it.

All Chumbi have different attributes which make them unique. With all the variations, it’s nearly impossible to find a Chumbi that is exactly the same as another. All these Chumbi are NFT items on the Polygon blockchain, so you will be able to buy and trade them on the NFT markets (you can trade them on the OpenSea marketplace to start off with, but soon the team will be building its own marketplace).

What is an NFT?

NFTs (for Non-Fungible Tokens) are unique digital tokens that serve as proof of ownership of an asset, and cannot be replicated. NFTs use blockchain technology, which acts as a digital record of all transactions related to the NFT on a vast network of computers.

While NFTs can be used to represent physical assets, like property or artwork, the majority of NFTs represent collectible digital assets like digital artwork, music, photos, videos, or even virtual plots of land or in-game items in the video games industry.

What you need to understand is that this is a way to create an item on the blockchain (like a Chumbi, a sword, or anything you can imagine...) and to make you the owner of this item. As an owner you’ll be able to trade it, sell it, send it to someone... or do whatever you want with it, it’s yours! So, all the NFTs you will acquire in the game (Chumbi, Accessories, crops, etc..), will be tradable.

Chumbi With Mini On His Head

Chumbi Body Parts

Each Chumbi is a unique creature, made up of a rare combination of type, coat, ears, horns, eyes, mouth, and pattern.

The two main attributes for a Chumbi are its Type and his Coat. The Chumbi base type and coating share 15 different possibilities (river, forest, flame, etc). These two attributes largely define the way the Chumbi looks (and some other aspects of the Chumbi too, but these are less obvious).

You can mix any Chumbi type with any coat type, resulting in a lot of combinations. On top of that, each coat type has 10 variations (you have 10 different River coats for example). This is subject to change and this number is not final.

And in addition to all this, there are hundreds of other body parts like the ears, horns, eyes, and mouth, as well as patterns, resulting in an incredible number of variations and an almost infinite number of individual Chumbi.

Chumbi Attributes

Type, Tier & Colors


There are 15 main types of Chumbi which are: Neutral, Forest, River, Flame, Spark, Cave, Insect, Mountain, Frost, Feather, Flower, Crystal, Spirit, Creature and Void.

They are split into four different "Tiers". A Tier represents the scarcity of a Chumbi and is used for breeding (see Breeding Chart). The higher Tier Chumbi are the rarest and most valuable to a collector, as they are the most difficult to breed.

Higher tiers also mean the rarest attacks, as the main attack of a Chumbi depends on its type. The tiers are also important in battles, because the main type defines its strength and weakness against other Chumbi.

Just like with Pokemon, some types are more effective against a given other type and others less so. The players will have to take all this into account when building their Chumbi team.

Chumbi Types
Chumbi Types Colors


Each Chumbi type comes in 3 different tones: light, medium and dark. Consequently, there are 45 colors in total.

The Chumbi type defines their first attack, and there is a specific attack for each color type.
Therefore, the color of a Chumbi will be significant in battle.

Chumbi Coat

There are 15 different types of coats, which have the same names as the Chumbi types (Neutral, Forest, River, Flame, Spark, Cave, Insect, Mountain, Frost, Feather, Flower, Crystal, Spirit, Creature and Void).

And on top of that, there are about 10 variations for each coat type (This is subject to change and this number is not final). So, for example, there are 10 different forest coats. The number of coat variation is subject to change. The team hasn't fully decided the exact number, and it could be lower.

The types and the coat types do not need to match in a Chumbi. A Chumbi with a "Flame" type can have a "River" type coat. A Chumbi that has the same type of main type and coat type is called a "pure" Chumbi. As these are more difficult to breed, they will be scarcer.

A Chumbi's coat also defines a Chumbi's second attack (each coat variation has its own specific attack).

Chumbi With Mini Crystal Coat

Chumbi Attacks, Effects & Abilities

Chumbi Abilities

When a Chumbi is born it inherits 2 attack moves, 2 effect moves and a skill from its ancestors. A Chumbi’s first attack move is based on its main type. Each color shade is also considered as a different type and gives different attack moves. The second attack move is based on the Chumbi's coat type.

The first effect move is based on its Eyes. The second effect move is based on its Mouth.

Its "ability" comes from its Pattern. This will result in some interesting battle strategies and team building meta.

Chumbi Origin

Every story has to start somewhere...

The Chumbi's one starts with the Chumbi Seeds. The Chumbi seeds are the first Chumbi to ever exist and there is 4096 of them.

The community could buy them during a sale that took place in December where 4040 of them were sold (the other 56 Chumbi seeds have been preserved by the team for marketing purposes). These Chumbi have specific and unique attributes that we’ll never see again in the next generation. These are the Chumbi generation 0. Through the breeding mechanism in the game, we’ll see more Chumbi generations over time and that’s how the Chumbi population will grow to satisfy the demand of the new players coming to the game.

Chumbi Hatching

The first 4096 Chumbi NFTs generated will be the rarest Chumbi to ever exist. These limited edition “Seed Chumbi” will feature exclusive body parts, low ID numbers, ‘seed’ meta tags, and more. Additionally, Seed Chumbi NFT owners will receive extra airdrop rewards and will have access to VIP events such as pre-launch breeding, beta gameplay, and much more.

Chumbi Happiness

Chumbi Happiness

Feed your Chumbi its favorite food to increase its happiness level. A higher happiness level unlocks higher stake reward APY (Annual Percentage Yield), when a Chumbi is assigned to the Shrine of Giving.

An interesting point is that happiness will not reset after sales/transfers, which can give a Chumbi value.

Chumbi Spells

During their lives, Chumbi can life learn spells that will be very useful to the players. They will be able to learn to cut wood, catch fish, mine stone, water crops, etc. Useful tasks to maintain its farm and forest! By increasing the spell level of a Chumbi, it will be possible to harvest crops even when disconnected.

To learn these spells, it will be necessary to go to the Wise Chumbi and pay a fee in CHMB (see article to come on the game tokens).

Chumbi Spells options
Chumbi ready for battle

Chumbi Level & Battle

Battle against wild cursed Chumbi and other trainers to increase your Chumbi’s level. Each Chumbi will have a level, and it is up to the players to increase this level. In order to do so, the Chumbi will have to acquire XP, and fights will be a very good way to get it. Each time the level of a Chumbi increases by 5, it giving it a Candied Apple will make it reach the superior level (You can craft Candied Apples by combining Lucky Stars + apples)

Battles can be fought against other players but also against a particular type of Chumbi: the cursed Chumbi. A Chumbi with a higher level can defeat stronger cursed Chumbi and receive better rewards.

Indeed, these Chumbi have been bewitched by an evil presence and attack everything that moves. The players will have the opportunity to fight them, and by defeating them, gain XP for their Chumbi. Players themselves will also gain Lucky Stars (LSTS)

The Lucky Star is the second currency of the game, a future article will reveal the details of this. The level of a Chumbi will not only help it to be stronger in battle, it will also allow it to earn higher rewards if it is put in the shrine of giving.